About the project

There are growing numbers of library and information sector posts which have the term “information literacy” in the job title, or which have information literacy development as a key responsibility.

The IFLA Information Literacy Section has set up a project which aims to develop profiles for Information Literacy Professionals (ILPs), with input from library and information professionals in different sectors and in different countries. The project started in Spring 2013. The profiles will identify relevant skills, knowledge and attitudes and link to formal documents (e.g. from professional associations) and practitioner accounts (e.g. articles, blog posts) which contribute to the profile and/or round it out with practical examples. Project team members from different countries and sectors will lead development of material to result in profiles tailored to different national/linguistic contexts and also for different sectors (school libraries, academic libraries etc.) The project will use an online community, social networking and participation at conferences to gather information and ideas.

It is envisaged that the profiles will be particularly useful for 1) Continuing Professional Development (planning provision and setting personal goals); and 2) Engaging with employers.

The IFLA Information Literacy Section website is at http://www.ifla.org/information-literacy

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